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Once you have your NPS Survey setup the way you want it, you are ready to include the survey code within your website.  This tutorial will help guide you through that process. Step 1 - Get your Survey JavaScript Code Each NPS Property has a un


Advanced subscriptions have the ability to customize the look and appearance of their survey content.  Including the Title, prompt, etc. When customizing your survey titles and prompts, it is important to present the request for feedback from y


Advanced subscriptions have tools in place to adjust the performance and frequency of an NPS Survey.  These tools help allow you to control how many people shoudl see the survey and how often users should see the survey a second time. Go to the


An NPS Monitoring account can be a great way to get feedback immediately from your customers after they complete a checkout or store routine.  In this article we will spend a few mins demonstrating how to setup this routine. Customize Survey Te


Your NPS Subscription allows you the ability to run multiple surveys from within the same subscription.  This is particularly useful if you wanted to run a generic NPS campaign as well as a specific targeted one, say at the end of the checkout p


Your NPS survey has the ability to add a unqiue client id to help in identify your submitters response.  This is an optional field. In many cases your NPS survey may be submitted annonymously.  This is fine.  If no client id is provid


Your NPS Survey has a feature entitled Domain Protection.  This feature allows you to provide a whitelist of where you can accept NPS Survey submissions from.  This article will spend some time explaining and sharing this feature. Note: &n


Your NPS scubscription comes with several different NPS Rollup scores and trendlines.  These different scores are very useful in identifying different trends across your NPS analysis. Let's look at the current dashboard. In this dashboar

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