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SEO and SMO are similar - but are two very distinct disciplines.  Both are crititcal for the success of your website. Search Engine Optimization SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  The basic premise of SEO efforts is to optimize h


Your webalyzing subscription allows you to manually scan a URL for SEO and SMO violations. If the URL is not associated with any of your registered websites, then you can use the Free On Page SEO Scanning tool at anytime to view an analysis for a gi


Did you know that Webalyzing has a collection of SEO and SMO based quizzes to help test and further your SEO / SMO skills? You can access these by using the links provided on the right hand side of the website. The quizzes are designed to be both


When you are viewing the SEO analysis report for your website as a whole you may notice a high number of errors found against multiple pages for a particular rule.  This is common across a website and is not something that should alarm you. Gen


Higher level subscriptions have the ability to add additional websites into their webalyzing account.  You can do this by going to the Websites menu item in the navigation bar which will take you to your Website Manager.   Once on the We


Navigating your Webalyzing account is fast and easy.  At the top of the site you should see a primary navigation menu that looks similar to this. Using this navigation menu you can get to all aspects of the site.  The site is divided int


Webalyzing works very fast to crawl your site as quickly as possible.  However there are many factors that can influence exactly how long it will take. When you log into your dashboard as a new subscription you may see the following warning whe


The site crawling statistics give an overview of how our crawlers are interacting with your sites content.  Let's look at the following example: For this site, there are URLs that are in several different states.  Let's look at w


The Site Map feature provides a URL Mapping of your entire site.  It lists out in a folder tree structure the URL's that have been discovered underneath your domain. The benefit of the Site Map is that you can see the passes and failures ba


Your account dashboard holds valuable summary information. get familiar with your account dashboard in this simple tutorial.

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