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Adding Domain Protection to NPS Surveys

Your NPS Survey has a feature entitled Domain Protection.  This feature allows you to provide a whitelist of where you can accept NPS Survey submissions from.  This article will spend some time explaining and sharing this feature.

Note:  This feature only works on submissions received through the JavaScript Submission routines on your website.  Domain protection is not checked or enforced from E-Mail based submissions or from the Hosted URL form.

How Does it Work?

Within your survey settings you are able to set a whitelist of domain names.  For our discussion here let's use the domain of "".  If we set that URL into our whitelist and enable domain protection, then only submissions received from a page on that domain will be accepted.

It is important to note that this feature will allow the submission if the listed domain is found in any fashion.  It does not limit it to an exact match.

So for example, if we use the setting "" as our domain protection, then:

  • Responses from "" will be allowed.
  • Responses from "" will be allowed.
  • Responses from "" will be ignored.
  • Responses from "" will be ignored.

By contrast, if we use the setting "" as our domain protection, then:

  • Responses from "" will be allowed.
  • Responses from "" will be allowed.
  • Responses from "" will be allowed.
  • Responses from "" will be allowed.

Excluding Protocol Settings

Please only include the domain name in your whitelist.  Do not include the protocol setting of "https" or "http".

  • GOOD: "" or ""
  • BAD: ""

If the protocol is entered, we will attempt to strip it out for proper domain matching, however it is better if it is just not included.

Browser Privacy

It should be noted that it is possible for users with extreme browser security settings to prevent our scripts from properly determing the referral url.  If Domain Protection is enabled and the script is unable to determine the referring domain, the script will treat the user as a blocked user.

If you notice a significant drop off in your NPS response volume after enabling this feature, there may be security items preventing proper use of it.

Enabling Domain Protection

To enable domain protection, navigate to the settings page for the survey property you want to edit.  About halfway down the page you should see a section entitled Domain Protection.

NPS Survey Domain Protection

Fill out the whitelist of any domains you want to include.  You can include multiple domains by listing them as a comma seperated list.

Once you have the domains listed, check the checkbos to "Enable Domain Protection"

Once finished, save your NPS survey and give it a test.


If you are having trouble working with the domain protection settings, these tips and tricks might help.

Validate the actual domain listed.  Keep in mind the pointers listed above about the differences between "" and "".  If your survey is not prompting you may have too strict of a Domain name in place.  Try simplyfying your base domain list.

Validate that the domain presenting the survey has not changed.  Sometimes on some websites, the domain may change as you move around a site.  Validate that the domain presenting the survey is in fact properly listed on base domains list.

Validate that the browsers security settings are not prohibiting the referrer information from being shared.  More about browser security if provided above.

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