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Creating an NPS Survey for Post Checkout Feedback

An NPS Monitoring account can be a great way to get feedback immediately from your customers after they complete a checkout or store routine.  In this article we will spend a few mins demonstrating how to setup this routine.

Customize Survey Text for Checkout Feedback

The first thing you will want to do is setup a property in your account dedicated to your checkout routine.  Give it a name such as "Checkout Feedback".

Next go into the Property Editor and adjust the settings for the title and text prompts to reflect your particular store checkout experience.  You may want to use the title "Purchasing Feedback" with a prompt text of "On a scale of 0-10, how would your rate your purchasing experience today".  

NPS Survey Post Checkout - Purchasing Customization

Tune Performance Settings for Checkout Feedback

Next you will want to setup the performance settings for this property.

Find the target user base percentage setting.  In this case the total potential daily user base would be the number of users who completed a purchase each day.  If you have 50 users making a purchase each day and choose a value of 25% for the target user base, then you will most likley get around ~12 or so surveys completed each day.

Next is to find the cool down period setting.  Depending on your preferences you may want to set this to a high value such as 30 days so that repeat buyers do not have to continue filling out the survey.  Or you may choose once a week, etc.  The setting is completely up to you.

NPS Survey Post Checkout - Performance Settings

Now make sure that everything is saved and we can move on to determining where we should prompt for the feedback.

Choose the Survey Placement

In this step we need to decide where to place our survey.  It is not advised to place this survey in a spot that may trigger before the purchase has been completed.  You may also want to wait to trigger the survey until after a receipt has been shown to the user.  In most cases, placing it directly on the receipt page is probably just as good.

Once you have determined the proper spot, add the JavaScript code.

Monitor Results

Generally speaking a customer feedback survey will help surface issues and do more good then bad in the long run.  However it is crititcal to monitor existing charts and trends after adding the survey into the purchase completion flow to ensure that a new survey is not disrupting current service.

For example if you provide downloadable products, does the survey get in the way of users getting to their downloadable goods.  Despite having honest intentions of making their experience better - a badly placed survey could be more of a distraction.

Once you have collected some results from the survey you can now start analyzing the data.  Pay particular attention to changes in scores and comments after releasing new code to the public.  Design feature and goals that will raise your NPS score.  This will translate to a better user experience and a more profitable bottom line.

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