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Customizing NPS Survey Appearance

Advanced subscriptions have the ability to customize the look and appearance of their survey content.  Including the Title, prompt, etc.

When customizing your survey titles and prompts, it is important to present the request for feedback from your customers in a non-leading or non rewarding fashion.  Meaning - you do not want to trick your customers into filling out the survey, otherwise you may end up skewing your survey results.  Surveys that present the option for feedback as valuable, random and optional generally produce the best results.

Within your account browse to the Property Manager.

NPS Property Manager

Next select the Property that you would like to edit.  You will then be taken to the Property Edit page.

Scroll about halfway down the Property Edit page and you will see a section entitled Survey Customization.  Using these fields you can override the default titles and text phrases used when prompting for your survey.

NPS Survey Customization

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