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Customizing NPS Survey Performance and Frequency

Advanced subscriptions have tools in place to adjust the performance and frequency of an NPS Survey.  These tools help allow you to control how many people shoudl see the survey and how often users should see the survey a second time.

Go to the Property Manager and select the Property you would like to edit.

NPS Property Manager

Towards the bottom of the Property Editor you will see a section entitled Performance Settings.

NPS Survey Post Checkout - Performance Settings

This is where you can control how many users see your NPS Survey and how often they should see it.  Let's spend a few mins going over these settings.

Target User Base Percentage

This setting is a percent value from 0-100%.  Decimal values are acceptable such as 0.01%.  This represents the percentage of users on a daily basis that should be targeted.

As an example.  If you receive 1,000 users a day to your website and you set a 1% rate, then you will most likely target approx 10 users per day.  By contrast if you set a 5% rate, then you will most likely target approx 50 users per day.

Cool Down Period

The cooldown period is the number of days that must elapse before a user is allowed to see the survey for a second time.  Although preferences may vary, for general survey feedback we often recommend a setting of around 90 days and at a minimum 30 days.  Otherwise you may risk pestering your user base.

How do I determine proper values?

The values you use are totally up to you and your desired use of the product.  Let's look at a couple example implementations as the setting smay vary greatly depending on need.

Example 1 : Random User Feedback

In this example you include the survey on your home page and want to gauge overall impression of the sites design and usefulness.  You will be making changes over the next several months and want to see how the NPS Score changes as you make design changes.  

For this implementation, your focus is on getting a slow daily trickle of NPS results (compared to a 3 day flood of results and then turning the surveyoff).   For this implementation to work we would advise targeting a 90 day cooldown for users.  The target percentage base should then be your total user base over a 90 period, divided by 90 days.

Example 2 : Post Purchase Feedback

In this example it may be desired to have the survey prompted for every single user regardless of frequency so that they can rate their individual checkout experience.  

For this implementation it is more important to get users feedback in the moment.  To accomplish this you would want to include the JavaScript snippet in a way that will only be called once upon checkout completion.  You can then set your user threshold to 100% of your user base.  You can use a 0 value for the cooldown to basically ignore the cooldown setting and pop the survey everytime.  You can still use a 1 or 2 day survey cooldown value if preferred.


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