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Installing your NPS Survey JavaScript Code

Once you have your NPS Survey setup the way you want it, you are ready to include the survey code within your website.  This tutorial will help guide you through that process.

Step 1 - Get your Survey JavaScript Code

Each NPS Property has a unique snippet of JavaScript code.  This makes it easy for you to copy and paste the NPS survey into your website.  You can find this code either on the welcome page (for new accounts) or from the property manager by viewing details for a specific property.

From the Welcome Page:

NPS Survey Welcome Screen

From the Property Manager:

NPS Survey Properties Code Snippet


Step 2 - Paste your JavaScrit Code into your Website

Once you have your JavaScript snippet, you then just need to copy and paste it onto a webpage of your choosing.  Below is an example of pasting the code into a blank HTML document.  You can include your code snippet anywhere that you would like that HTML and JavaScript are accepted.

NPS Survey HTML Code Snippet

Once uploaded to your live webserver, you should immediately start to see the code go to work.

Please note that when testing the setup, you may or may not get a prompt to fill out the survey initially.  This depends on the target user percentage setup for this particular property.



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