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Net Promoter Score Tracking

The customer stat you need to know.

  • Clean Dashboard

    Know your NPS Score instantly with a clean and straight forward dashboard with critical data.

  • Intuitive Graphs

    Dozens of graphs and reporting options are available to you to get the most out of your collected NPS data.

  • Response Manager

    Work easily with individual responses. Followup via e-mail with your detractors to improve customer relations.

  • Sample Survey

    The NPS Survey is small and customizable to allow you get the information you need without being intrusive.

  • Advanced Analysis

    Advanced analysis tools allow you to break down your NPS Score by Browser, Platform, Locale, custom dates and more.

  • Comment Word Cloud

    Easily identify trends with several reports deisgned to highlight common words and patterns used in responses.

  • Delivery Options

    Several delivery options are available including an embedded popup, a hosted url and an email template.

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