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Net Promoter Score Tracking

The customer stat you need to know.


$0.00 /month *Billed as $0.00 Yearly

1 Surveys
3 Daily Responses
60 Data Retention (days)
Standard Reporting


$15.00 /month *Billed as $180.00 Yearly

3 Surveys
25 Daily Responses
90 Data Retention (days)
Standard Reporting
Most Popular


$30.00 /month *Billed as $30.00 Monthly

20 Surveys
100 Daily Responses
365 Data Retention (days)
Advanced Reporting


$45.00 /month *Billed as $45.00 Monthly

100 Surveys
500 Daily Responses
365 Data Retention (days)
Advanced Reporting

What our customers are saying...

"I now understand exactly how my customers feel. Without it I would be lost. Plain and simple."

Adam Hooper


"Negative customer feedback is highlighted allowing us to repair relationships before we lose the customer."

Brandon Dunnet


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Knowledge Base

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Community Forums

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Direct Support

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