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  • Detailed Reports

    The heart of the Dimbal Polls software is in providing you with high quality reporting on the data collected. it couldn't be easier.

  • Zone Organization

    Group your online polls into logical groups known as Zones. Call the zone directly from your website or blog to get a random poll from the group.

  • Pleasing Graphs

    Dimbal Polls utilizes the Google Visualization layer to provide your polls in the most graphically pleasing manner possible.

  • Easy to Use

    In just a few clicks you can have your first poll setup and collecting results. The software is designed with ease of use in mind.

  • Fast Integration

    Integration is quick and painless. Simply copy and paste the desired JavaScript snippet into your website or blog. We do the rest.

  • Advanced Features

    There are dozens of ways to customize each poll. Allow multiple votes? Hide results? Start and End Dates? We support them all and more.

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