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PHP Fundamentals quiz

Test your knowledge of various PHP functions and routines.

How well do you truly know your PHP functions and routines?  This quiz is designed to see if you can distinguish between different functions, optimal setting choices and other PHP specifics.  Good Luck!

How do you add a comment in PHP?

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Question List

  • Each line in a PHP statement must end with which of the following characters?

  • What does PHP stand for?

  • Which of the following operators evaluates equality using both value and type when doing comparisons?

  • Which of the following operators does not evaluate as a comparison between two values

  • Which of the following delimiters begins a block of PHP script?

  • All variables within the PHP language begin with which character?

  • What is the correct way to declare a new function in PHP?

  • Which of the following is not an example of the built in super global variables in PHP?

  • How do you add a comment in PHP?

  • What is the proper syntax for creating a basic array in PHP?

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