Photo Albums

Create easy to manage image galleries using this WordPress Photo Albums plugin. Designed from the ground up to be easy to manage and flexible to work with your existing WordPress themes and templates.

  • Easily create WordPress Photo Albums
  • Integrated with the existing WordPress Media Browser
  • Includes virtual URL schemes for list and details pages
  • Short codes provided for display into existing content
Photo Albums
Photo Albums
Photo Albums
Photo Albums
Photo Albums
Photo Albums


Photo Albums can be instantly downloaded for Free.


Easily manage photo albums right from your WordPress website

Create albums to be included via short codes or accessed through their own url structure

Photo Albums at a Glance

Managing photo albums within WordPress can be fast and easy using this easy to navigate plugin.  From the Photo Album manager you will see all available photo albums created in the framework.  Quickly access short codes or direct URL information for fast and easy sharing.

WordPress Photo Albums Manager
WordPress Photo Albums Editor

Powerful Editor

Each photo album comes with a powerful editor allowing you to help control the display of your album.  Include a summary for list views, detailed content for display pages and more.

Built for WordPress

We didn’t reinvent the wheel.  The Dimbal Photo Albums WordPress plugin utilizes and expands upon basic WordPress functionality.  Use the WordPress media gallery and image uploader to add and select your desired images.  The use the Dimbal Photo Albums plugin to customize your display in a fast and easy manner.

WordPress Photo Albums Media Browser
WordPress Photo Albums Image Selection

Control Arrangement

Add or remove images with ease.  Shuffle and reorganize images with speed and efficieny.

Virtual URL Schemes

The Photo Albums come equipped with a Virtual URL scheme so that each album has a unique URL associated with it.  Also included is a list page detailing out each photo album available in the system.

WordPress Photo Albums List Page
 WordPress Photo Albums Details Display

Clean Displays

Photo Albums will work with your existing WordPress theme and templates.  Each album has a design page with a clean and simple approach to blend with your sites look and feel.

Photo Albums can be instantly downloaded for Free.

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