Quick Quizzes

Designed to be fast and easy to use, the Dimbal Quick Quizzes software allows you to host fast and simple quizzes to engage your user base.

  • Advanced editor allowing for easy management
  • Clean display for easy integration
  • Quiz summary results screen with calculated score
  • Show explanations for correct and incorrect answers
Quick Quizzes
Quick Quizzes
Quick Quizzes
Quick Quizzes
Quick Quizzes


Quick Quizzes can be instantly downloaded for Free.


Create fast and easy quizzes to engage your website visitors

An easy to use interface makes quiz creation fast and simple

Quizzes At A Glance

Start with the Quiz Management page.  There you will see at a glance all of the current quizzes in your framework.  Access basic quiz stats and details.  Direct access links, short codes and other benefits are provided right from this management screen.

Quiz Manager
Quiz Editor

Powerful Editor

Each quiz comes with a powerful editor allowing you to insert all sort of content.  Include images, text, html, code and more.

Quiz Answer Explanations

If desired, provide different explanations for when a user gets a quiz question correct or incorrect.

Quiz Editor Answer Explanations
Sample Quiz

Clean User Display

Quick Quizzes utilizes a clean and simple design to present your quizzes utilizing your themes design and CSS classes.

Summary Scoring Page

Once your user has finished the quiz, a summary page will displayed.  A score will be provided as well as an explanation on what they got right and what they got wrong.

Quiz Results

Quick Quizzes can be instantly downloaded for Free.

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