Troubleshooting Guides

Create feature rich troubleshooting guides complete with individual HTML blocks of code. Utilizes existing WordPress functionalities and routines to create a seamless integration into your site.

  • Create visually pleasing step by step guide books
  • Utilizes WordPress custom post types
  • Define custom category and tag taxonomies
  • Modern and minimalist CSS design
Troubleshooting Guides
Troubleshooting Guides
Troubleshooting Guides
Troubleshooting Guides
Troubleshooting Guides
Troubleshooting Guides


Troubleshooting Guides can be instantly downloaded for Free.


Create easy to manage troubleshooting guides right from your own website.

Provide clean and simple, step by step instruction style documents for your user base.

Clean and Modern Guides

Long step by step instructions and information pages can clutter up your user experience and cause critical information to be missed.  Instead use the Troubleshooting Guides plugin to section off your data into topical sections.

Wordpress Plugin Troubleshooting Guides Samples
Wordpress Plugin Troubleshooting Guides Sample Steps

Let Users Navigate the Content

Users are able to interact with the content headings that interest them.  A simple click of the header toggles the content display.  Any kind of media from text, to code to images to videos can be included within the content.

Utilizes WordPress Custom Post Types


To provide the most performant and easy to manage system, the Troubleshooting Guides plugin utilizes WordPress existing Custom Post Types.  Start by creating a new Troubleshooting Guide post and providing your standard content.

Wordpress Plugin Troubleshooting Guides Editor Contents
 Wordpress Plugin Troubleshooting Guides Editor Steps

Unique Editors for Each Step

Your troubleshooting guides can be as simple or as complex as you want to make them.  Add as many steps as you want.  Each step added can support anything that a normal editor can support.  Rearrange the steps as needed for custom sorting.

Custom Category and Tag Taxonomies

The WordPress Troubleshooting Guides plugin comes complete with unique taxonomy definitions for both categories and tags.  Meaning that you can specify a unique set of categories and tags that are specific to the Troubleshooting Guides.

 Wordpress Plugin Troubleshooting Guides Categories
Wordpress Plugin Troubleshooting Guides Settings

Settings and Options

Various settings and options are provided to help you control the functionality of the troubleshooting guides plugin.

Troubleshooting Guides can be instantly downloaded for Free.

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